art. 1) The vehicle is consigned in good mecanical and body work condition. Before signing this contract inspect the car and report to company any damage seen.

art. 2) Driving licence necessary: Type b and 21 Years of age for a car; Type a or b for scooters 125 c.c..

art. 3) In case of accident do not move the car and telephone our office. Note the particulars of the other car (type, licence, plate, number, name and address of the driver and particulars of the insurance).

art. 4) Obbligatory use of crash helmet on scooters.

art. 5) 30 min. of time is allowed over the time for reconsigning the vehicle, after wich a further Euro 25,00 will be added to the tariff.

art. 6) Violation of the road laws will be for warded to the clients home address by the relative authority and charged to your credit card.

art. 7) Insurance R.C.A. covers damage or intwry to persons, animals or objects.

art. 8) The driver of the car or scooter rented is not covered by insurance policy in the case of infury caused by an accident.

art. 9) The charterer is obligated to pay damages in case of accident.

art. 10) For eventual controversaries the “Foro of Livorno” is the competent authority.


Rented vehicles may not be transported off the island. The violation of this rule will resuit in the loss of the deposit, with drawal of the vehicle and loss of rent paid.

The tariff includes: Ass. R.C.Car - Km - IVA 22%

The tariff does NOT include: Petrol - Insurance for the driver - damage to the vehicle.

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